2002-07-06 13:16:12 (UTC)

July 6 2002

Hey. I've been up since 415 this morning. I work at a
radio station and i Run commercials for the best of John
Boy and Billy. Its not a bad gig. i only have an hour
left and then im going home. I have to work again AGAIN
tonight. I work too damn much. it just gets annoying
after a while. My friend from New Jersey is coming down!
Im really excited. She comes down in 10 days i believe.
Its been a year since i've seen her. i know we're gonna
have a good time. but i just thought that i'd write for a
minute. alright im well im headed out.

Song of the Day: *Have you Ever* by incubus...this band
ROCKS!!! i don't care what anyone says about them.