jalal's online diary
2002-07-06 09:16:45 (UTC)


hey guys.. how are you all?

im gonna use this online diary for writing sutff in..

day 1:
we woke up early, i woke up sweaty and smelly in sharjah. i
showered, went to the mosque and prayed. we all put the
bags inside my bros bmw and set off. in the airport, we
checked in.. and we wanted to say goodbye to my brother
anwar and his wife Insu. on the way out of the gate, i saw
Waad Doukhei, and her family. after saying good bye to
everyone, we went back in through another gate because it
was too crowded (the line was to the airport door). we went
into the gate and settled down. i went with my mom to
mcdonalds and bought 2 donuts and a coke. my mo bought a
brownie... we then started boarding the plane... after all
these procedures, i watched an episode of CSI. then i went
to sleep. i woke up and started to see syria on trhe
miniscreen. then, we landed and wen i left the plane, i
started getting all these flashbacks, the floor of the
boarding gate was exactly the same 6YEARS AGO!!!, the ac's
were in cages, and the cages were .. lets just say, not
really good.. when we went down, there was a guy waiting
for us.. and we went to passport control, the people there
are nice.. we then left the airport to meet my cousins:
soubhi, khaled, yasser, amer, my elder cousin Alia, and my
aunt Mo2nessa.

i then went to get my photos for my ID and stuff.. i went
home, and had all these flashbacks wen i saw stuff that
belongs to me. i then went to my cousins house (yasser,
khaled, amer) and met my other cousin, Marwa. we went to
have breakfast and we ate Tis2eeyah, this was the best meal
ive had and i was so full, i ate today morning! after the
meal we went to the mosque and finished friday prayer. we
went home, and i slept for a few hours. then i called my
cousin Amer and he showed me around. we were going to an
internet cafe, and i met my cousin AAlia (not Alia) with a
friend of hers. after showing my cousin whos the boss in
red alert.. we walked to a mall called CITI MALL. this is
the only mall here, and has the only set of escalators in
i went home and did around 10 pages of my Comp Science
Project. i slept

day 2

i woke up tired and sleepy. after some breakfast, i started
cleaning my room. after all that i went to the sheraton to
see if they have any sports clubs or somethin, Nothin! i
walked to citimall and saw this nice pair of Cartier
Sunglasses. worth about 550 dhs.
i then walked a bit to this net cafe. where while i was
typiung this, the guy beside me was asked to close the porn
sites he was watching. hahahahahahahaha ahahahahaha

well im off now.. gguys message me and call me if you
want... im beginning to think you people wanted me to
leave, plz dont message twice, because i pay 90 fils per
thanks all

good bye :)

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