My Diary
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2002-07-06 09:13:11 (UTC)

Sat. Afternoon

My day has been going pretty well, had lunch with Winnie
and listened to her about her endless complains for her
relationship problems. I guess tha'ts why friends are for. You
really need to support each other when needed.
I am still trying to finish reading the book " Men are from
Mars , Women are from Venus", bought this book back in 96,
never got to finish it. I am trying to read it a again and find a
lot of truth in the book.
Talked to Ching last night, she gave me a lot of
encouragement. I still dearly thinking about Rob, but I think
he needs time. I really hope he is doing well and are happy
on what he is doing. I miss him a lot and wish I am now
spending my weekend with him.
Just got a letter from the school, need to go to a retreat for a
management workshop class at the end of August, not
looking forward to it.
I am going to Masami for dinner next week. At first, I was
hoping that she would be able to meet Rob. It is quite
disappointing that the plan has been change and I will have to
go meet Masami alone. There will be another Jazz concert
coming up next Tuesday, I am very much looking forward to
When I was talking to Gloria earlier on today, something she
said clicked my mind. She said about Time is moving very
fast, all the happy and unhappy things will also go by quickly
and we should tend to remember and focus on all the happy
things and let the unhappy things to pass through quickly.
Good thoughts and Let's do it.

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