Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-07-06 06:44:04 (UTC)


After watching tonight's episode of the Iron Chef, I got a
serious craving for sushi--that soft, sweet, and moist
short grained rice rolled up with (canned tuna in my case)
and some other delectable vegetable (say carrots and maybe
green pepper?) into a seaweed wrap, and then dipped into
that wasabi and soy sauce mixture......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I've always enjoyed the salty and spicy over the bland and
barely sweet. I swear, if it wasn't so late into the
night, I'd be frying some eggs and and some rice and
pouring soy sauce all over it..............

Today's Events...

I got a call from an old friend this morning, and he said
that he was comin' right over to pick me up and take me
around with him on his errands... I was like, huh? In
effect, he was trying to kidnap me out of this house
because I have been kind of a recluse from some (if not
all) of my friends ever since I got let go from my job
about 2 years ago... Yesterday, to pass some time, I took
a photo of myself and cut out my head and did some color
changes to it and then pasted it onto another picture, and
then sent the link to him and my brother. I guess he got a
big kick out of it, judging by his reaction today... Well,
I dunno, I am not a reader of minds anymore, but for some
reason I thought that I had left all of my highschool
friends behind as I moved further into my life as a father,
a teacher, a learner, and a doer... With my 'old' friends
as I would like to call it, all I did with them was pass
the time away figuring out how to entertain
ourselves...watching movies, name-calling, playing games,
wandering the stores, just listlessly mope around some, and
then some more. But I guess I prefer the fast lane at this
time, and really don't like doing what we used to, and
really there are still my own agendas that I am still
achieving, and can't seem to waste any time at all........
Well, I dunno, again, maybe it's just that I have found the
perfect place for myself to be, and that it doesn't include
anyone outside the family anymore, cuz I like it all cozy
and manageable.........??????