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2002-07-06 06:00:56 (UTC)


This has been a pretty good week. Wednesday (besides
getting my new glasses, which will in all likelyhood be
worn as sparsely as my old ones), Mike and I went on a date.
Which a a little weird, but very nice. We did the typical,
very casual, movie and dinner. We talked, and laughed, and
I really like him. No kiss yet, though. We'll see how
that works out, chemistry-wise... hopefully well. =)

Yesterday was July 4th, and Mike and Brant had gotten a
bunch of fireworks for their bithday, so they had a few of
us over to hang out and watch them blow stuff up. Mel,
Anish and Kevin were there, and Paige (who's really cool)
had some friends there. And Kevin kept putting his arm
around me, and calling me his "woman", which normally would
have been something that I would have found very funny, and
just gone with, but I didn't want Mike to get the wrong
idea, and think that I was interested in Kevin, so I was
just like "ummm"... so it sounds really lame told like
this, but I swear it seemed like a problem last night

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