My Life.............
2002-07-06 05:46:10 (UTC)

Colorado, here I come.....

well, Im leaving later today, im not to thrilled about it,
but, im going..:( ill be gone for a week, yippeeeeee.:(
Bill hasnt been back to Bobbys since wednesday when they
had their fight, and Holly said tonight that bill and carol
had a fight, i dont know what hes trying to do with me....
Holly and Bobby were talking about bill tonight and i was
telling her not to chase after him, cause it makes her look
look bad, and i didnt tell her this because ive been messing
around with bill, i honestly believe that he doesnt know
what he wants and she shouldnt be doing this to herself, and
since bills cousin has fallen in love with her hes been
pretty whacky.LOL he told me today he bought her a diamond!!
hes only known her for a freakin week, if that!!!!! when she
was leaving work tonight she had someone go out and make
sure he wasnt waiting for her!! weird!!!!!!!!