Thoughts in the Confused
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2001-06-27 17:58:53 (UTC)

monday til now

lol, I am not crazy,k just messed in the head. lol.

After that profound and thought provoking statement. Let me
say hi. By-the-way, if anyone does not think that this
diary is boring say high, message me or send an e-mail.

Monday was Monday. Actually I hung out with friends. It
was very nice. Mike and Kristen came over and we had a
blast. Went shopping at the mall, ate at Chillis and
went to Best Buy and then hung around and listened to music
and then went to see The fast and the Furious. Which was a
good movie. I want a 10 sec car.

Then I came home went down stairs and tried to get linux installed
right on the laptop down there but I am not having luck with
the network card.

Brings us to tuesday. Wonderful yesterday. Ate lunch with
my uncle and went to borders got a book on javascript and
php and Advocate to see how that mag is.
Worked on the computer so more and the rest of the evening I
kind of hung around. I talked to B. She is having some
problems with a guy friend. She always seems to be in a
relationship. I tried to give her advice, but who knows.

talk to you little more. Anyway any gay guys or bi guys
that want to talk. if so e-mail me or send a message.

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com

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