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2002-07-06 02:05:05 (UTC)

Something I did - people does left

Today was Friday. I saw some people made my work value but
they do not think it deserves a good prize. Maybe they are
not intelligent.
I saw the final result of public contest for public job in
govern. I saw I earn new point. But if I could send the
claims about error in gabarite. I would get new twelve
points. Then I could be people in first places of contest.
But after two nights writting the claims I had no time to
send it before it was late. People that made the tests does
not know about studies. The gabarite had errors that not
a genius could see.
I would be happy because I am a hero. It is better than be
a Valentine or a rich man. Because in life when you find
your heart you will never lose yourself feelings and truly
friends will be forever.
Better days for Saturday. Some day I will be Saturday night.