worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
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2002-07-06 04:43:28 (UTC)

watch it live

Master enjoys surrendering my pain and humiliation to
others. Tonight he strung me up in front of his many
videocams for an online torture session.

He attached my wrists and ankles to a spreader bar that was
suspended from the ceiling. My legs were spread wide so
that my pussy and ass were on display for all to see. He
forced a large O circle gag in mouth which held my jaw
painfully open. Electronic clamps were lightly attached to
my nipples. An electronic dildo was inserted into my ass.
A small suction-like tube was attached to my clit. And
another electronic didlo was placed in my pussy. Then the
camera and the computer went on.

The online viewers not only got to witness my helpless
situation, they got to vote on it. There options were as
1) Butt fuck - enough votes and the voyuers got to watch my
anal dildo come to life by vibrating and expanding
painfully for a full 5 minutes as I struggled in pain.
2) Titty torture - enough votes would trigger my clamps
which would slowly tighten until I was screaming through my
gag in pain, remain so for several minutes and then loosen
so I screamed again as the blood returned to my nipples.
3) Shock the pussy - enough votes and the dildo in my pussy
starts shooting electric shocks through my body for another
5 minutes.
4) Teaser - enough votes and the attachment on my clit
would slowly start stimulating me until I was on the verge
of climax and then suddenly stop.

Master stood near by and watched as I was tortured for over
2 hours. First the viewers voted to have me butt fucked
for five minutes. Then I was teased and denied orgasm.
Then my tits were tortured. Then I was teased some more.
Then my pussy was shocked cruelly. It went on like this
the entire time. Apparently my viewers enjoyed the
expressions of frustration on my face when I was teased so
they did it inbetween almost every torture. After the 2
hours were over, master refused to let me cum despite the
throbbing agony in my clit. On the contrary, he programed
the computer to keep me stimulated for another 2 hours so
my fans could watch me suffer.

This is not the first time Master has allowed strangers
over the internet to dictate my fate. One time he said I
needed a serious spanking. He tied me bent over the back
of a chair; my arms tied to the arms of the chair and my
legs tied to the legs of the chair so I couldn't move at
all. He had me facing the computer screen so I could see
what my viewers wrote by the videocam was pointed straight
at my ass. The votable options this time were simple:
1) Hand - enough votes and I got 5 hard smacks from my
master's bare hand.
2) Belt
3) Riding crop
4) Paddle
5) Cane

Master delivered five strokes with whichever implement my
vicious viewers chose. At first they went through each
tool one by one. Then they decided which ones they really
liked, which turned out to be the crop and the paddle, the
most painful ones. Before the night was over, my ass took
over 100 wacks. Ouch. Every once and a while master would
move the camera to display my face to the crowd so they
could see my tears of pain and see me screaming and begging
for mercy. When the spanking was over he left me with my ass bared
to the camera and my face looking at the monitor so I could read all
the comments my viewers were making about my bright red ass.

Another time my master simply had me go online and ask for
new ideas. The winner would get to see his suggestion live
and online. The winning concept was as follows: A 2-part
punishment session to be divided left and right. I
explain. The right half of my body was to punished one
night, and the left half the following night. Master loved
this idea because he knew no matter how bad the punishment
was, the 24 hours of waiting for the second half would be
even worse. So that night my right side of everything was
tortured mercilessly. My right ass cheek was spanked until
it was red and bruised. My right tit was whipped until it
was hugely swollen. The sole of my right foot was tickled
and beaten. The inside of my right thigh, the back of my
thigh, my palm - all felt severe pain that night. All the
next day master laughed to watch me shift balance from my
sore right foot to my left, shift my weight to my left ass
cheek, and try to hide my swollen right tit. Until
nightime came and he repeated the process with meticulous
precision on the left side of my body. And all the next
day he laughed as I shifted everything back to the right

Speaking of online torture sessions, master just read this
diary entry while standing behind me. He pointed out that
i have been capitalizing i, which is a very serious
infraction. As a sub, i never deserve to be capitalized.
Furthermore, i have been forgetting to capitalize Master.
He is furious. Time for another treat for the viewers. He
tells me this time will be worse than ever before. He
plans to tie me spread eagle in front of the videocam and
do whatever my sadistic fans request. To give you a hint
of what i know is to come, previous unheaded requests have
Shove a whole cucumber up my ass.
Stuff my pussy full of sand then insert an ice-cold
vibrator and turn it on high.
Hang several volumes of the encyclopedia from my nipple
Pierce my clit and nipples while everyone watches.
Sew my pussy lips together as an act of celebacy.
Yank my pubic hairs out with tweezers.
Whip my tits with the riding crop, 50 strokes each tit.
Shave my head bald.
Attach a clamp on my tongue to a clamp on my clit and watch
me squirm.
Force me to give myself electric shocks.
Have me play with myself after coating my pussy and ass
with BebGay, reapplying it generously every few minutes.
Hang me from the spreader bar and tie my pussy lips to
opposite sides of the wall, stretching them a little wider
ever few minutes.
Whip my ass with a bamboo cane making me count each lash.
Force me to drink several gallons of liquid, then hang me
upside down so i piss all over myself.
Have Master write suggested words all over my body in
permanent red marker, such as - whore, slut, cow, pig, fat
fuck, painslut, cunt, etc...

As you can see, my viewers have vivid imaginations. Do you?