My Life at a Glance
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2000-10-24 11:07:35 (UTC)

Tuesday- 10/24/00 It is 6:30..

Tuesday- 10/24/00

It is 6:30 in the morning and everyone but me is asleep- It is
so nice and quiet. I long for silence some days. Yesterday, my
daughter, Sami told me I was raggedy- that means crabby- but she said
it was okay because my toe hurts. I had to work last night and I
really had a hard time getting around on my foot. I told you before
that it never amazes me the things people will ask a total stranger-
well, I was wrong- last night one of my customers said this to me-
"Did you hurt yourself or have you always had a bum leg since
birth?" My mouth must have hit the floor, I mean, how freaking
rude! What if I would have been born with something wrong with my
leg- did she honestly think I would want to share that info with her?
My husband stayed home from work last night because he has been
fighting a bad cold since last week. I felt bad for him in the
middle of the night because he was coughing and he didn't get much
sleep. Today we have to go to our son's school and hand out all of
the fundraiser stuff. We are the chairpeople for the PTO committee.
It is a pain in the butt and I hope it goes smoothly, but I think it
is important to be active in your child's schooling. Right now all
of my kids except the baby, Sumi, want to be veteranarians. I know
that will change a hundred times but for now it is such a nice
dream. When I look at them and try to decide what I think they will
be, I come up with much different occupations- I think Jay will be a
doctor- he is loving and caring and he has ALWAYS been into blood and
scientific stuff- He's really smart and sweet. CJ will be some kind
of artist I think. He is quiet and shy and a real loner- he has
incredible talent in art for his age and I think as he gets older, he
will want to incorporate that love for the arts into a career. Sami
is our fire so I will say that she will either be a lawyer or a
politician. Although she does have a soft side, she is in her best
element when she is arguing her point. She could be the one to
suprise me. I think that it is too early to tell with Sumi what she
might be. I don't know why but lately I have really been rethinking
everything- I wonder if it is because it is election year and all the
issues are right there. I do not believe in abortion, FOR ME, but I
would like to think we still live in a free enough country that if a
woman gets raped, or if there is incest involved or even if the
mother's life is in danger, that there would be some legal means of
terminating the pregnancy. I am a very spiritual person, so I weigh
my opinions with what I think God would want and I just can't see My
God wanting someone who has already suffered any of the above
mentioned things to have to carry and give birth to a child. Maybe I
am wrong- I don't know. Next issue- hand guns- my husband would
shudder if he reads this, but here it goes- I want tougher laws to
keep guns out of the hands of children and ex-convicts. I like that
unstable people might not be able to get guns. My Lord, people are
being killed left and right in school and churches and in their own
homes from these weapons. Should we ban them all together- NO, but
there should be something to ensure more saftey than we have been
given thus far. Flat Tax- stupid idea- have we not decreased the
deficit greatly in the past 8 years- if it ain't broke, don't fix
it. Hmmm, now that I am on my soap box, it is hard to get off-
Schools- we have extremely inferior school systems in comparison to
the rest of the world- we are a great country and we will come up
against challenges in the future that our children will have to be
mentally prepared for to survive- do I think parents should get
vouchers to change schools if they are not satisfied- hell no- I
think the government should get in there and make schools accountable
for failing to teach the students! Hit them where it hurts- in the
purse. Last but not least, Gay rights- if they aren't hurting
anybody, what seems to be the problem? They want to be married and
serve in the military- let them- the Lord made these people and he
will take care of them- Love one another! I think it is ridiculous
to judge someone on their skin, religion, sexual orientation. I
think it is so sad that people will raise their shildren to hate and
then say they are superior- I'm right on this one, I know I am- am
there are going to be a lot of people apologizing if they make it to
Heaven and God is black! I'm not saying he is, but I am not saying
he isn't either. Who knows.....

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