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2002-07-06 02:54:57 (UTC)


it's cold upstairs, karen hilly cristina and missy are
playing disney monopoly...someone just bought bambi's
forest or something...ah, it's so homely here. karen and
sissy fight (terribly and constantly) but they still manage
to laugh while they fight and make jokes while they fight.
and they always forgive eachother. i really feel like home
here at my sister's...more so than at my own house. my dad
called and talked to me today, he asked if i wantede to
stay longer, so of course the answer is yes. so i think i
might get to spend another week here...where i belong.

i've been noticing the small things and how much they when i come here to my dairy and i've got a new
mesage...i love that. and when i walk and someone pauses to
let me pass them, letting me go first...or when i'm sitting
on the couch and my uncle walks by and rubs my head...or
when i walk by my sissy and she wraps her arm around me and
smiles real quick then lets me go....little tiny things
that mean a lot more than one would think...dunno...i just
really like it here. i can be myself. and i love my older
sister, she's plenty old enough to be my mom. ah, it's
cool. and my cousins are still all cool with me despite
everything new they've learned abuot me. it's nice to be
i will go to a shrink....but i don't think i can ask my mom
or dad to take me. just something i don't find myself i will see one whenever i figure out how to tell
my parents.

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