2002-07-06 02:51:05 (UTC)

6th july 2002

I've decided that I shouldn't put titles for my entries.
Cos I waste too much time thinking about what it should be.
And most of my entries don't have a defnite theme or topic
anyway, its mostly updates on whats going on in my life..
and most of the time, i don't do an update regularly, so I
end up with a lot of things to write about. And I'm always
tempted to put "Updates" as the title, which I can't have,
cos then, every entry would have the same topic, which is
totally boring.. Did you get all that? No? never mind..
I had a class outing on thursday. I don't think I ever
mentioned them before. Its my old JC class. We've known
each other for about 7 to 8 years. that's pretty long eh?
So we went out for a-la-carte dim sum buffet. I totally
enjoyed myself cos the food was good, and the company was
good. And we all had a great time. Can you believe we were
actually the first ones there? And we were the second-last
ones to leave! heheh. The restaurant would prob be putting
up our pictures at the door with a notice which
says "Banned from eternal entry for being pigs".
And on Friday, I went out with some relatives to celebrate
my grandmother's 78th birthday at a seafood restaurant.
Yummy! This week has been great, really. Lots of company,
and good food to keep my happy :p
I'm supposed to organize another outing for another bunch
of frens for tomolo. hmm... dunnoe if its too late. but
we'd prob go to the beach for a picnic and volleyball.