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2002-07-06 02:04:34 (UTC)

Opps...i guess

Well I had a weird dream last night but i'll talk about that
in my next entry. Part of my dream involved this guy who
i've always thought was cute and if my mind wasn't else where
i'd hgave had a crush on him. Well, I'm afraid i'm
developing a crush on him. And to the best of my knowledge
he has a girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend, the
sweetest nicest person ever. And I think he really loves her.
Argh! What is my problem?!?! But he's really nice. And he's
physically the guy i'd fall for. And he's got a great
personality, it is very complementry to mine. The only guy who i've
started to like because i liked him...and didn't think maybe he likes
me then start to like him. I think i won't tell my friends about this
one, it's sorta bad cause he has a girlfriend i can't talk about him
cause they don't know him and well i just look like a fickle nelly.
Anyway, I'll write more later i'm too tired.


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