A Sex Hungry Slut
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2002-07-05 23:57:38 (UTC)


Well, I actually hooked up with "hard up on the mountain"
Ian lastnight. He decided we should go out to celebrate me
quiting the bank. It took abit of convincing but finally i
gave in. Anyways.. he showed up here around 11 or so. He
was already drunk...not totally wasted... I couldn't even
tell. He looked ok. He was dressed nice. Wearing a
baseball cap (which he left here).

Anyways... at first I totally had the impression that he
was not into me. I mean we hit it off good on the phone
and internet but ya know. so we walked around abit then
went to this pub near my place. And he proceeded to
dominate the conversation, get really drunk, and get me
drunk along with him. The tab ended up to be over 100
bucks. Crazy. We had alot.

Anyways.. it started getting later and later.... the
flirting got hotter and hotter. I finally started touching
him. It was cute.

Anyways.. we walked home. I was all over him. holding
hands... kissing his neck.. rubbing him right on the
street. I mean it was late.. not many people around.. but
it was still fucking hot. Anyways we got home. He fucked
me hard from behind the first time. Came in like 10
seconds. It was brutal. But it felt really fucking good.
Then the second time after i turned on some porn.. he
started fucking me from behind again. This time it hurt
alot though. And then he stuck it in my ass without even
telling me he was gonna do it. I screamed. It hurt so
much. He kinda freaked out. Got scared. Cause I don't
think he knew what he was doing. He goes to the washroom
to get dressed. I'm crying in pain. And he comes back. I
tell him not to worry. and start rubbing him again. So he
got in me again.. the same way.. this time without a
condom. which is kinda freaky... but first time thing for
me. Which is kinda hot too now that i think about it.

Anyways.. he left promising to get in touch for calgary
next weekend. I kinda doubt it. It just means it doesn't

But i'm in pain today. We tore me up abit. In both
places. I don't feel like much of a slut over this. I
should but maybe I'm just tired.

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