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2001-06-27 14:39:38 (UTC)

what is Love

Love is something people claim to truly see and that people
say is truly wonderful.. but honestly I think that
sometimes the hardest things in life work out to the best.
Monica Edymars girlfriend caught us together.. she told him
that it was totally over and that she never wanted to talk
to him again.. ok so then she has to move back home in the
appartment they share with one other guy... now she comes
into his work calls him like 3 or 4 times a day to check on
him and they're NOT even together.. and he still explains
himself to her and stuff.. he's 23 years old and he acts
like he has two mothers.. he doesn't tell her that hes with
me and I think that its totally wrong. But I care about
him so much and when I bring it up he says that he just
wants to keep things at him house plesant so he doesn't
have to fight like every night u know.. well maybe I am
stupid to go through all of this, knowing that he still is
probably with her and me at the same time.. I just wish
there was some way to actually talk to her about all of
this and get things straitened out between the two of us..

smiles always