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2002-07-05 22:55:25 (UTC)


Well yesterday, America received no terroris
t attacks that we know of! YES! Thank You, LORD:)!

Well, my 4th was good.. i'm so proud to say that! Don't
ask, lol.
Well, i first went to work at10:00 AM... then i had my
lunch break and wrote you guys. I went back a nd man, it
was ever so tiring.. not that i don't like the job, but ya
know. Anywayz, Wayne called me. I had just said i wish i
could get off the rest of the d ay, called over and was
gonna ask Lyna if she wantedto take m yplace today, then
Andi asked me if i wanted the rest of the day off!!!!! SO
YEAH! Mom picked me up like 30 minutes later cause she got
caught up in some mystery show.. so i was there with Lyna
awhilez, but i survived. Not to be mean i mean. I just
hate it when people can be like.. well n/m.
I got home and rushed tothe living r ooma dn bundled up in
a blanket proclaiming, I AM SO GLAD TO BE HOME! Not just
cause i had a headache and didn't wanna work, but i felt
bad c ause my family was doing all this special stuff
without me. They do that a lot lately. Like i told
Wayne, it's like that now a lot and it's like they
justassume i 'm gonna be doing something else.. and leave
me alone.. i like that sometimez.. but ya know.. it's sad.
They're all making plans for my room when i leave, and
all this.. i won't even have a room to come home to.. can
you believe that? Hurts lots.. but let's not focus on me
so much.
i was grateful,really grateful to get to spend that time
withmy family when i got home from work. It was sad in
some ways cause Dad and others were mean, and mean to
Mom. Mom can be mean, but when someone is mean to her, i
feel like so mad and sad.
That night at 7:something, Sarah and I went to the Nix's
and swam at Wayne's house, did fireworks, and watched old
video's of Wayne and Josh!!!!!!!!! WAYNE WAS ADORABLE! I
seriously almost sat there infront of his whole family..
and cried!!!!!!!! He was so precious. And i thought
about me at that age, and him here in West Texas, what it
woulda been like if we were together at that age..... and
that God brought us together! SO SWEET.
Wayne brought us home at 12:30 cause he had to get up at
5:30 for work!!!!!!!?!??!?!!!!!! Well, we realized into
the night, that it was the FIFTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fifth
of July.. (5 is our special thing)!!! SUCH GRACE! SUCH
BLESSINGS! SO HARD to explain.
On Dad's birthday, the 3rd,:
That night I took my siblings to the big firework show
here and it was beautiful. Wayne's and my 1st 4th of
July! I love Independance Day. Wayne and I sat on the
back of his truck. This lady beside us had a little dog &
it kept barking whenever a really kool firework would go
off, haha.. the night air was great..a little chilly but
that's fine, FS doesn't get that, much. Ms. Suzanne came
by earlier and watched us like hawks, but we were happy
together. I dunno WHY she d oes t hat, poor l ady. OMG
Jessica t old Emily and I today that Ms. Suzanne was gonna
whoa.. that's SUCH a funny thought. You REALLY w ould j ust
have to know her, and what i'm talkin' about! LOL I can't
wait to tell Wayne.

Well , sorry so boring..
i have to go.. gotta go see MB2 in 30 minutes!
Might swim again at Wayne's, maybe.
God bless you, and heaven info. comin' up:)!