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2002-07-05 21:38:25 (UTC)

well i hate my life. the only..

well i hate my life. the only good thing in it is dre. work
has become even more horrendous then before. lauras gone
and the new (girl) page is a fucking bitch. and i still
despise julie. after 8 1/2 hours of that hell i come home
to my mom informing me that i am now only allowed to drive
to and from WORK for the next yr bc of that fucking
accident. an accident that wasnt my fault yet i got blamed
for. i hate cops. listen to an INSANE 40-something yr old
thats LYING instead of the 16 yr old. one passed me on 19
on my way home from work today. i was doing 65 (speed limit
55)...he was going 75 min. this isnt fair.
grrr!! i wish i didnt cry so much! im soo sick of it! im
going to bed now. bye.

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