Cute Chaos

2002-07-05 21:19:34 (UTC)

Bratty Kids

I am in a better mood today but really tired. I was up
until 3:30 last night then had to wake up at 8 am to
babysit by 8:30. When I ifrst meet the kids they seems so
sweet and cute. Asking my questsions and geting my to play
with them. Cody(7) has a major attitude problem. I wanted
to hit that kid he kept telling me what he could and could
not do. When I did not let him have is way he would throw a
fit. He is always hitting is sister Tristen(5) or Pauly(3).
They are all such cute little kids too. Cody made a huge
mess while we were painting with glitter and Pauly squeezed
half of the paint bottle on the floor. Pauly is always
screaming. Now I remember why I don't want kids(yet!) I
just can't believe that I agreed to babysit for them
tonight. I guess that is a huge flaw of mine. I can't say
no and I never want to hurt someones feelings or disappoint
them. I but everyone elses feelings before mine. I need to

I leave one house of bratty kids and I have to come home to
my brothers(ARRRGGGGGGGGG!). Chris(12) and Benji(11) are
always fighting about something. It is pathetic what they
fight over too. Then never want to listen to my either.
It's not like I ask then to give me a foot massage or run
my bath water and do my wash. It is just the same stuff
that my dad would not let them do! Then because of their
damn stupid mistakes we all get in trouble! Damn IDOITS!

Time to make dinner. I chat with you lata!