Life's issues at 19
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2002-07-05 20:53:51 (UTC)


where to even begin...this is all new and hopefully I enjoy
doing this everyday. I pretty much just am sick of being
here where I am. I think that i'm homesick for Lynchburg.
I want to go back to college and fun times instead of
always being here with all the little children...ok so my
sister isn't little but its a stretch to say that we're
close in age.
It seems like everyone has their own lives here and i am
no longer a part of any of it. so who cares that i'm away
at school for 10 months...its not like i'm not the person I
used to be. well...i wonder how much I have changed since
I went away.
Nicci can't get on my nerves anymore than she has in the
last few days. She has her own plans for us and she wants
me to ALWAYS be around....i need time to myself. I miss
having her when i'm at school...but i can't take being
stuck to someone ALL THE TIME!
I only have to work one more day this week though...thats
always a good thing! Things at work have calmed down from
what they used to be...so thats GREAT!
Well its time again to go and get nicci and take her

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