I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-07-05 20:48:00 (UTC)


The best line in The Princess Bride.

But, the topic for this entry really is marriage. I have
been proposed to but not for the sake of love or
commitment or even becuase I'm pregnant (because I'm not),
but for the sake of becoming a US citizen.

He's a really nice guy. And he loves it here. But can I be
married, actually sign my name to a piece of paper that
says that he and I are recognized as married in the eyes
of the law? To a man that I don't love, and one who
doesn't love me? We'd have to be married for at least 3

He and I have discussed it, and we'd have seperate lives,
seperate relationships, etc. Though we'd probably live
together because we'd need the same mailing address.

But what about afterwards? Does being married and then
divorced for a green card carry a sigma? Would people
percieve me differently? I don't know.....

opinions please