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2002-07-05 20:03:59 (UTC)

crazy dream

i had the wierdest dream ever last night that me and
brittani were in college and for some reason we were in the
tanning bed and we weren't sopposed to be cause it was to
late of something but anyways.... my bell went off so i
would know to get out... then some chick caught us and was
going to take us to the police...then i ended up getting in
a fight with the mystery chick...then brittani was helping
me..then somehow we ended up killing her...then brittani
took all the blame for she was running from the
police..and we were taking her some where and she had to
duck down in the floor board so they couldn't see her. then
i woke up. it was a crazy dream.

i just got done looking at what it was suppose to mean on
one of those astrology wed sites and it said it prolly
symbolized a change that i didn't like...which is true
cause brittani getting arrested for shoplifting and doing
drugs and stuff are changes that i don't like. it's weird
how sometime those things can be true.

anyways... i'm leaving in a couple of hours to go to a
wedding. i've never been to one before so it should be
pretty interesting.

yesterday... i went to the mall and bought a new outfit to
wear to the weddding. i saw brandon on his break so i hung
out with him for like 30 min. then he had to go back to
work. then i found my mom and we had to go the the store and
get some food for the cook out thing we ended up doing at
the rec. there were so many people there i only ended up
seeing like maybe 5 people i knew. branon and jason and
matt and all them were suppose to be there but there were
so many people there i didn't ever see them.:(

it ended up raining for about 20 min. right when the
fireworks started and we were sitting under the shed things
where the picnic table were and everybody started running
under the shed getting in my way and i could not see so i
missed like the first half of the fireworks then i put a
blanket over my head and stood in the rain so i could see.
but i guess over all i had a pretty good independence day.

i have started talking to jennifer again. i'm happy we're
starting to become friends again. i haven't talked to her
in about 2 months or so. i missed her.

well i'll be gone all weekend to atlanta. we are leaving
tonight late after the wedding and we will be coming back
sun. afternoon. sat. we are going to a braves vs. cubs game
so maybe that might be fun. the game isn't until 7 so i'm
thinking we will get to go shopping before the game. they
have some pretty good malls up there so shopping is more
fun. the better the mall the better the shopping.

well i guess that all for now.


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