Jena's Rants
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2001-06-27 12:52:37 (UTC)

Cure for Pain

Oh why oh why must I be subjected to this awful pain, and
why must I subject others to it as well? I feel so bad for
anyone in the vicinity of my being, putting them through
the torture of my company when I feel so phooey. Poor
Hopinononefoot. I do not deserve him, he just far too
understanding and good to me. How can I make up for my
ridiculousness? I would buy him an awesome present but he
would probably just get upset that I bought him something.
I don't know, I must completely revamp my attitude and how
I deal with problems, etc.....
The least I can do is let him know that I mean business. I
must check on some of my friends today, King Herbage has
sickies. I must also see if me Gram would like my company
this weekend. I really must introduce her to my
Hopinononefoot. I know that they will be just as taken as
I was. Okay, I am on pain killers for my sickies and I
cannot seem to keep a steady stream of thoughts, so I am
going to attempt to work now. Can you believe I am at
work?!! Ughh, damn the man!