Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-07-05 19:08:34 (UTC)

Just a day

"Just a day,
Just an ordinary day.
Just tryin to get by."
-Vanessa Carlton's Ordinary Day

Yeah, that was yesterday, just another day for me, yet it
fucked me big time... but I didnt cry, thats always good,
my parents were pretty sure I was going to just from
hearing the fireworks, but I convinced myself that it was
just like everyother day, and went to my room to clean and
reorganize and decorate. Unfortunatly I hurt myself twice,
I dropped a soda can on my big toe while putting them in
the refrigerator for my mother, then last night I was
trying to roll over my bed, I fell off, yeah I know
talented me, but when I fell I smacked my knee on the
handle on my drawers... my bad knee, so now it hurts to
step down on either foot.... How rude... I didnt cry, I
didnt even do anything. In ten years, i can just see it, my
kids are going to be all like "Mommy, lets go have a picnic
and watch the fireworks" and I am going to be all
like "take your father, I am going to go lye down". yeah, I
am going to be the grinch who stole the fourth of july...
how wonderful!?