Visions Of Life
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2002-07-05 18:53:29 (UTC)

Ongoing Search

Im still on an ongoing search to find someone to play pool
with me. Rah! I have such a passion, an obsession, and I
cant fullfill it. I do go alone but I want to play someone.
My boyfriend has the passion for it but we dont get to play
together alot because of scedules. Damn, I wish i was 21 so
i could hang out in bars. When im at sports bars with him
there are always strangers who will play with me but at the
place i go, it doesnt work like that.

Im kinda sick today. Well, Ive been sick for a week but
today my voice is flickering and I just cant force myself
out of bed or out of my pajamas. If I find something
intereting to do then I will get motivated cuz no illness
will dominate my fun. If people are going to be boring then
Ill just rent a movie and write and drink wine and plot
devious sexual acts...

I had steak and lobster last night. I am hydroponically
pleased and so happy. I feel special.

Nothing new in my life. Alot of new devious sexual plots..
But we wont discuss those quite yet *grin*