? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-27 12:49:07 (UTC)

:: hallucination ::

i just lost the inspiration
my mind is frozen
my hands can't move
my eyes are smarting

the power of love

it is just plugged of my life
and all i feel now is emptiness
useless thoughts

i feel my skin was scratched
mortified as before
and even though the light here is on
why is it still so dark?

i feel my future is blind-folded
hope it not true

tell me, is this just a hallucination
or, again, a reality i have to face?

i'm not ready to loose you
coz i need to be inspired
and you're my source of it

[could you please
turn on the light for me?]

© :: connie ::™
1859pmgmt 7