a little piece of me
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2002-07-05 18:25:42 (UTC)

let down and hangin around

well, the vet called. i didn't get the job. that really
fucking sucks. how am i supposed to get experience when no
one will hire me because i have no experience? that's so
wrong. my mom knows someone in charge of the vet
department at a prestigious university nearby. said they'd
try to get me a job. ha. we'll see how that goes. so i
guess for the time being i'm stuck at sears. i really had
my heart set on that vet job. i knew i shouldn't get my
hopes up...it always ends this way.

well, let's see. i've broken out in some horrible rash
thing. my face has bumps that look kinda like hives on
it. could be sun poisoning, could be poison oak, could be
this or that. have to go to the doc tomorrow and find
out. wish it would get me out of my job. i hate sears.
they make me take my eyebrow ring out for the job. that's
bs. that's life, though...

more about tutle the great. the other day, we were at wal-
mart...there was a lady in a wheel chair thingy behind us
trying to put her stuff on the belt for the lady to ring up
at the check-out. turtle just went over and helped her
out. it was the sweetest thing ever. he chit chatted with
her as he did it. he's so amazing. sigh. i love him so

well, i guess that's it. i really need to get a few
things done. heather, i miss you so much. hope things are
getting better. i know you're down right now, and i'm so
sorry. turtle had to spend our last $4 on gas today, so
now i'm too broke to get a phone card. i'm so sorry.
please email me sometime, let me know how you are. i miss
you! lyl!