fake plastic diary
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2002-07-05 15:10:51 (UTC)

chaz the dykon

oh u do make me laugh.
again ive not done anything worth talking about. but thats
tough luck. i fell asleep after watching a video then chaz
came round at about 2.30 and i was still not dressed, but i
had a dressing gown on and i looked slightly more decent
than before. she came to give me my shoes which i somehow
left at her house and also to get all her cds back that i
borrowed. chaz is just a great friend to have. shes so
cool. and mad. but not mad in a zany way. just stuff she
says and how she doesnt care. and she wears a wooly bobble
hat all the time. she went and spent much money in the hmv
sale. she bought three nirvana cds that shes been meaning
to get for years, a kurt cobain t-shirt that was only
£3.....i cant bear to look at it tho. its his face and its
freaky. it just stares spookily at u. shudder. oh and she
bought some more 7". she collects them. she got the chilis,
wilt, and sommat else. what do u like about gardening? i
like the idea of gardening but when it comes down to it i
cant be bothered. i designed a garden for tech. thats where
my interest ends. oh, u know what makes me laugh? i was
watching real rooms this morning and one of the guys on
there is sooooo funny. hes like really camp and posh, but
his real accent comes through sometimes and he sounds so
common. hes the one who does all the little bits of
decoration that are generally crap and useless. i think
that film u watched just sounds like a poor quality made
for tv american movie. boring. although maybe i shud stop
pre-judging stuff.
yeah i know what u mean about the campino ad. the best type
of advert is the ones for all the insurance claims
companies. they are so low budget u cant help but laugh.
and theyr always so cheesy. like mrs. dunwell. who came up
with that?! i dont get nightmares that i remember. i hate
diaries. i always get one for christmas then dont bother
writing in them. so, ive started writing an online diary.
its much easier. quite often i just copy and paste emails
that i write to ppl, mostly the ones that i write to u. its
quicker and easier than writing everything out again. i
also love reading otherppls diaries. theres all these
interesting entries about lesbian sex and suchlike. my
thumb is really hurting. i dunno what ive done. ow.
tomorrow i may finally have something to write about that
doesnt involve me saying that ive done nothing. im going
for a meal with my mum and my brother. aw. wont that be
nice? she was sick of spending saturday nites alone in her
flat. id much rather go to the cinema. i wanna go see
minority report. i think its a really awful title for a
film but the adverts looks good. however my bro dont wanna
see it. he says he hates tom cruise and wont go. ah well.
i write quite alot for someone who has nothing to say dont
i. do i bore u? im boring myself.
love you but i'll never leave you.
from the girl who loves sailors.
ps. do u think sophie ellis bextor is fit? chaz was saying
how fit she thinks she is on her new video. not that chaz
is a lesbian or anything. although is she is know as the
dykon, cos we reckon that this lesbian we know fancies her.
icon of a dyke, hence dykon.