2001-06-27 09:01:44 (UTC)


uh! ok. so i guess there is this boy who somewhat interests
me but i totally dont know how to approach him or even talk
to him. i dont even know why i am writing about him because
basically he is off limits and besides he would never go
for me anyways. to top it all off we were at his work..
this book store and i really didnt want him to be there
because then i know he would talk to me and i get all
stupid about making conversations with people. so i thought
everything was cool cuz i didnt see him so i didnt think he
was working.. o man he was and he started talking with me..
well at least my friend was there.. but that didnt help cuz
she doesnt know how to talk to him either cuz she is really
sarcastic and bleh! so anyways.. he just says whats up and
i think ok thats cool. i dont have to make conversation. so
i go to a different section far from where he works and he
just happens to go over there.(he is just friendly like
that so i know he doesnt digg me or her but anyways..)so we
start making conversation and me and my friend always call
each other losers. so she keeps saying how big a loser i
am.. and i feel like such an idiot. but we keep talking..
well so he cant be in that area where we are so he tells us
to bring our magazines over to his section...we don't have
anything else to do so we just go over there and talk. well
damn we end up staying there for like over 2 hrs. it was
cool that we did keep ourselves busy but it was so weird
how we were just chilling.. i just felt awkward. so we are
there forever and sitting around talkin and being big fat
losers for that matter.. and after the second hour is over
he says oh yea.. i have a break.. so he asks if we want to
go outside for his break.. so we say ok.. i dont know why
we didnt just leave.. oh man.. i tried to leave like 50
billion times but my friend is one of those people who
never give a crap about being nice.. so she would just
start walking out but i didnt want to be rude so i would
try and say bye but either a customer would need help or he
would start talking.. so we take the break with him and
then we chat and yadda ya.. i make myself look like a
bigger loser.. because i dont work and then he asks me what
i do and im all nothing.. and you know how like when you
are on the spot you forget things.. i totally didnt say
what i really do.. so i sounded like a nonworking sit on my
ass all day and do nothing but space out.... person...bleh!
o well i never have a chance with someone that good looking
and nice and ... yadda ya.. so forget me..