Nick's Journal
2002-07-05 13:53:42 (UTC)

My nyaka

Yo this is Juliann. I am filling in for my "vienna
sausage" while he is visiting the infamous Austria. I
miss him dearly and decided my first journal entry will be
a dedication to him. So bear with me and my gushing.
First off the boy is hilarious. See I'm the type of girl
to laugh when I see someone trip over themselves or walk
into a wall or make a funny noise. Really juvenille
stuff. But somehow Nick's witty sarcasm gets me
everytime. And if you can't find the humor of a guinea
pig dancing around or a bear talking to you... then you
have not heard Nick describe this to you. And of course I
couldn't do without Nick's satiristic (is that a word?)
view on the world. He is really a fucking genius and will
debate with me on ANYTHING. We seriously disagree on
every topic known to man. But discussions with him would
be no fun otherwise. He usually wins the debates because
he is REALLY good at wording things but thats ok. I can
kick his ass wrestling anyday. ;) He always does impress
me though with his intelligence. I love his brain so much
I could eat it for breakfast! Oh and I think Nick is
cute. Yes thats something for a girlfriend to say but I
don't care. And you know what? If you are one of those
guys who hate being called cute then you are probably
insecure about yourself because you want to have an image
that shows no weakness. BUt I think being fucking ugly
instead of adorable isn't much of a sign of strength. So
get over yourself. Grrrrrrrr. haha I hate guys who are
full of themselves. Oh and another thing I love about
Nick is he has a good heart. Nick is really a nice guy.
And I usually believe in that expression "nice guys finish
last" but my Nick is an exception cause hes going to make
it places in life. He is going to be such a good lawyer
that he could defend Osama Bin Laden if forced to. ANd he
isn't scared of the future or old age like most people out
there. Alright well I think I've blabbered enough about
my nyaka. I'll write again soon I think. This journal
thing seems addictive. For example... I can't seem to get
myself to stop typing. The words flow through my fingers
like dierrea (spelling??). The contrast between the color
of the letters and the background is hypnotizing. Hmmmmm
have I digressed? Well dedication is concluded. Nick
rocks! Love you boy and hope you are having fun tearing
it up overseas!