the roads not taken
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2002-07-05 13:17:02 (UTC)

you may be perfect but i'm still worth the call

alright i'm back to my original theory of i'm just 2nd
rate..... alright....brittany called me last night at 7:11
pm and i called her back at 8 to see if iwanted to do
something...hello you don't call someone at 7 to see if
they wana hangout that night and then tell them one of the
reasons you are asking is b/c 2 of their friends bailed on
them. nana said i couldn't and i didn't care that much i
would of gone to fire works but no one in my family felt
like it. so we decided to go ot the mall and do stuff like
that early today. at around 9 o' clock (she found something
to do) i called her to tell her something funny (kyle
stanford was talking to me and acting all like shes is the
greatish thing as in ever.) and blah blah she said shed
call me later that night to get directions to my house and
stuff.....she never called. i did send her a email cause i
was bored with directions and i did say you can call me
later if ya wanna. so id unno she never wrote back. i'm
gonna call maybe 9 30ish to see whats up. i must say i will
be so angry if for some reason it fall though...cause thats
the thing i despise the most and so does my nana and it
will be bad. shes real great, i guess shes just another
person for me to be the next (or the thing after that) best
thing. i am i'm wrong. anywho last night was intresting,
well kinda cause of one conversation i had, with bryan
hill...we tend to talk about important stuff and (this is
so great) he feels like crap for treating me like crap and
i think he really regrets it. and i didn't do this by
acting bitchy, but by being really super sweet and my self
and acting like i didn't care. here's this:

wheathill247 (1:07:59 AM): you gonna try and model or
gagreeeneyes (1:08:11 AM): why do u ask that
wheathill247 (1:08:40 AM): im checkin out your photos
gagreeeneyes (1:08:46 AM): ok...
gagreeeneyes (1:10:10 AM): whyd u ask about modeling
wheathill247 (1:10:52 AM): well...
wheathill247 (1:11:22 AM): just because you look really
good in some of the pictures...
gagreeeneyes (1:11:33 AM): oh thank you so much
wheathill247 (1:11:34 AM): it was more of a complement type
gagreeeneyes (1:12:09 AM): lol i look kidna goofy in some
of thoes pics
wheathill247 (1:12:31 AM): well i wont deny that
gagreeeneyes (1:13:19 AM): like the 1st one in the me
sections...haha we were on a church trip and this resturant
we ate had this abanoed bar things so we were all taking
pics on it
wheathill247 (1:13:38 AM): uh huh
gagreeeneyes (1:14:59 AM): anywho thanks for the compliment
wheathill247 (1:15:17 AM): sure any time
wheathill247 (1:15:33 AM): if you ever need one; just call
gagreeeneyes (1:16:23 AM): i just might need that the next
time i'm feeling really down
wheathill247 (1:16:50 AM): well i look forward to hearing
from you then
gagreeeneyes (1:19:50 AM): well i do seem to be getting
down alot recently
wheathill247 (1:20:03 AM): whys that?
wheathill247 (1:20:13 AM): people not treatin you right?
gagreeeneyes (1:21:55 AM): maybe, i've always been
extreamly emotional...very high ups and really painfully
lows downs
wheathill247 (1:22:19 AM): yeah me too, im sorry to hear
gagreeeneyes (1:23:03 AM): and i guess people don't really
know me, that or they know me betetr then i know myself
wheathill247 (1:23:17 AM): say what?
gagreeeneyes (1:24:34 AM): i don't know
wheathill247 (1:25:03 AM): i know i dont know you all that
wheathill247 (1:26:31 AM): and i treated you like crap last
year, but hope someone like me didnt get you down too bad
cause i sure as hell aint worth it
gagreeeneyes (1:26:57 AM): we went on one date
wheathill247 (1:27:19 AM): yeah but i didnt call you back
which was rude as hell
gagreeeneyes (1:27:34 AM): and for like a week i was like
ok what did i do
gagreeeneyes (1:27:38 AM): but then i got over it
gagreeeneyes (1:27:54 AM): i've gone on dates with people
and not returned calls
wheathill247 (1:28:03 AM): good; and for your sake it wasnt
wheathill247 (1:28:06 AM): good to know
gagreeeneyes (1:28:29 AM): i don't hold grudges
gagreeeneyes (1:28:43 AM): and most of the time i give
people the benefit of the doubt
wheathill247 (1:28:56 AM): appreciate it; and i can tell
cause you still talk to me

haha, he may think i like him. but i don't at all. but he
does think that he is a big deal....w/e! well i got to go :)

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