2002-07-05 12:55:55 (UTC)

July 5th

Jesus Christ its been a whlie since i've written. I've
been doing alright. I just have some free time here
wworking at the radio station. My friend from New Jersey
is coming down in a week or so. I havn't seen her in
almost a year. Im REALLY excited that she's coming. we're
gonan have so much fun. Im really glad that my best friend
introduced me to her. both my bext friend and my friend
from new jersey bring happiness to my life. They are the
reason why i havn't given up on anything. well lets see
whats been going on in my life...NOthing to excited cause
my life is pretty boring. I did go to work for that plant
in NC wilsonart however i only lasted for 4 days. It was
REALLY rough. so i quit and i went back to work at the
movies. I actually got a promotion! Im now working the
projection booth. I start the movies. I think i've been
doing really good b.c i havn't really messed up anything
without fixing it on my own. My manager is impressed. I
havevn't gotton the 'title' or the 'pay raise' yet but im
up there. Last week, Me and a whole bunch of friends
rented a beach house for the week at Folly Beach. About 5-
10 mmiles south of Charleston. I had a Blast. Just
hanging out with my friends. but seriously...If you want
to find your 'true' friends...Rent a beach house for a week
and spend 247 with them and see how much you care for them
when you come back. one girl who went on the trip just
truned bitchy. Me and her were really good friends, and i
noticed when we drove to the store, We didn't really talk
any. WE use to could talk all the time. But it was just
weird. Now she knows that im upset with her but she left
to go to see family for the 4th and wont be back till the
10th. so ill talk to her when she gets back. but i mainly
kept to my self at the beach. I would take a chair and my
cd player and go sit and watch the waves. It was very
relaxing. but i figured if i kept to myself, i wouldn't
annoy anyone else. and i didn't...not that i believe. but
anyway umm other than that nothing else is really going
on. Im thinking of moving to Charleston within 6 months.
I found a couple of good 'flats' and 'studio apartments'.
Im REALLY excited about it too. Charleston is a great
city. i LOVE it. im also taking a year off from school to
save up money to move to charleston. and then im going to
well planning on going to school fall 2003. ITs a good
plan and i believe that i can pull this off. i need to
keep my budget tight and everything and i should be fine.
a couple of good concerts are coming up! WILL HOGE!!!!!
AUG 1ST IN ATLANTA! Im soooo Stoked about that b.c i
havn't seen will hoge in over a year. infact a year
tomorrow. so its going to be a great concert. plus Avril
Lavigne in atlanta, The Warped Tour in charlotte, TOOL in
Gville. Page 3, Socket, Dezeray's hammer of
course....Specking of Dezeray's hammer...i got HAMMERED
with Dezeray's hammer. For my first time actually. Bad
screw drivers bad influences. but did i have a blast. I
can't make them very good but McChris made me a Hellagood
one!!! i didn't like it when i wanted to sleep and whenm i
threw everything up at like 5. but anyway im gonna try to
write more often then waiting like over a month. Take

song of the day: *Where are you going* The new DAVE MATTHEWS BAND
TUNE!!! can't wait for the new cd!!