her wish eternal
2001-06-27 08:07:25 (UTC)

Because I lost at Gin

the angel leaned back in her chair 2000 miles away
smiled at the screen, staring at the characters of me
"what exactly are you wearing?" she asked.
I shook my head. "I can't love, no privacy"
She frown, or I pretended she did. "Oh"
Then, "you should write me something"
I smiled. "Something good?"
and in my mind, she smiled wickedly...shook her head
I said:

I would love to tie you up love. Using soft cords of thin
black rope, I would secure your feet to the bed, so that
your lower half was shaped like a perfect upside down 'V'.
You would be wearing your robe and wearing it only in the
most liberal sense. I push each hand above your head,
kissing you as I passed, before tying them to the bedposts
as well. you would be helpless love.

I would start with a quick kiss. First to your lips, then
stopping, just shy of your nipple. I would blindfold you,
so you could not see my attentions, could not guess where I
next would be. I would gag you, so you could not scream.

using the gentlest of hands, I would push away your robe
from your body, revealing precious skin to the slightly
cool air. I would kiss you, first there, by your shoulder,
then here, down by your stomach. I would lightly trace my
tongue up your side until I reached your neck, then I would
stop and bite.

My hand would begin to caress your nipples, bringing them
happily into full stiffness. I would twist them while
kissing your ear, at the same time pressing my nearly naked
body against yours. "I need you" I would whisper.

I would move my body down,until my lips met with your
breasts, and I would begin to lick and suck on them, while
using my hands to remove my shorts, leaving me completely

I'd use one hand to massage the breast my lips couldn't
touch while the other would begin stroaking myself. I would
let the head trail against your leg, hearing you gasp
against the gag as you felt me.

Then, suddenly, I would stand away from you, leaving you
completely isolated on the bed. Silently, while you would
search with a panicked mind for any sign of me, I would
move up, so that my body was nearly lined up with your head.
then I'd move foward, pushing my body against yours. One
hand would remove your gag while the other would guide
myself in. I would climb on top of you, with myself in your
mouth and you sucking with short quick movements. You would
be scared, but you would obey.

While you would be sucking on me, I would reach a finger
back and start betting you softly between your legs. "next
time," I would whisper. "next time I will take from you
what is mine" and then I would smile, forcing myself the
rest of the way into your mouth and cumming in short
spasms. You'd gag and I'd pull out, leaving you with cum
running down your chin.

I'd remove your blindfold, kiss you deeply, and then hold
you while we both calmed down. Then, maybe later, I'd untie

forever, love