fake plastic diary
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2002-07-05 09:56:39 (UTC)

its always raining

dear mr rub tugger, please dont write in little letters
again. otherwise im gonna end up with a permanent squint.
to be honest i dont have much to say. i just like writing
to u. so far this morning i have read the paper, had a cup
of coffee, had a piece of toast, i was gonna get dressed
but then i thought whats the point. so i got half dressed
into an old jumper and slouchy pants that i would never let
anybody see me wearing. im sick of the rain. it was nice
rain a few nights ago but now its just that silly drizzle
stuff that u can hardly see but gets u soaked. i wish there
would be a thunderstorm or something. im just in the mood
to watch some lightning. i wish we still had margos cat. or
rather i wish i had a cat of my own. its one of those days
where i just wanna sit there all cosy with the cat lying on
me purring. but no. im all alone. im also freezing as usual
so im all wrapped up in blankets and a duvet.
i did say that that film is shite. all zombie flicks are
bad. all "horror" films are poor when i come to think about
it. u have a pretty much one track mind dont u? tut. i so
do not look good in a towel. except maybe if it was a huge
towel that i could just hide under. u have some funny ideas
about stuff. like i said, i was at this baths place with my
family. that is the most unsexy situation to be in. sadly
ur right tho, i would have had some fun if i was on my own.
stop knowing me too well. oh i know what i can do later.
ive got a load of like beauty crap that ppl always seem to
give me at christmas even though i dont use any of it. i
think i'll mess about putting on face packs and
moisturisers and all that palaver. they dont do much. i
still look just as bad after using them, but at least i'll
smell lovely. like apricots, strawberries and cream, sea
spray (?) and dewberry. such decadence. gonna go before i
just write even more nonsense than usual. oh actually, i
had this dream last nite and i just thought it was worth
mentioning. i was going to meet tanzilla to go to college
with her, but she wasnt at her house because she was dead.
i went to the cemetary but she wasnt there. so i had to go
to college on my own, but when i got there they told me i
was late. and then the college was the wrong college
anyway. so i had to get on the bus to go to the right
college. and the driver of the bus was tanzilla. who
was....well, not quite so dead.
yeah. so, bye!!! love you very much. xxx.