It smells like poop over here
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2002-07-05 09:23:12 (UTC)

i won't forget that night!

well put student rick, well put indeed. oh man, i had a
helluva day. we ran outta food at my 4th party, not too
many chicks can over, but i had great time. just me and a
bunch of my friends hanging, drinking some pop, doing a
little bar-be-quing and just having a good time. i didn't
wanna get all this shit, cause it costed me a lotta $$$,
but it was so worth it.
chris, his hot, "soon to be g/f" and brother were the
first ones over. kyle sat inthe house mostly, but me, chris
and lynn sat out in the sun then started grilling the
burgers. dean came a little later, the rich with his buddy
clark. he's a good guy, i like him. chris, kyle and lynn
stayed in the house and watched some TV, then left to go
swimming but never came back. laura and dave stopped by,
tom c. came by a little later. nickd dropped by for a long
time, joe g. came for the last few hour and kate and this
hot girl martha came for the fireworks and stayed for a
while afterward. lauren and brando stopped by for bout a
half as well; she brought brownies, they kicked ass.
good times all day. sure, i knocked over the salsa and
cut my leg really bad, but still a good day. i did back-
flip, front-flip, then back-flip on the trampoline on my
first try. it rocked. we were talking about people with
plugs in their ears, and i says "they smell so bad cause
the skin around the earlets are decaying." and rich
said, "it must take a lotta talent to get someone's ear to
smell...it's usually my nose that smells." then he did a
little dance. oh man, it was such a corny joke buy everyone
laughed so much. it was great.
dave and tom wanted to put some shit on my neighbors
tent, and dave wanted tom to piss in a cup and put bread in
it or something, and tom says, "dude, that's fuckin sick im
not gonna throw piss soaked bread, that's disgusting!" and
dean points at him and yells "hey! do it!" it was so great.
you might not understand, but it was hilarious, just the
way he said it. tom was talking about these kids that break
bottles on his driveway all the time, and joe just
says "why don't you just throw a rock back at them." then
dave goes off withall these off beat shenanagins about
getting them back, and joe just says "why odnt' you just
throw a rock at em."
i was in a great mood all day. i love all my friends, i
think i know some of the best people inthe world. can't
wait for my next party.


"your friends are your family, but your family aren't your
friends? isn't that wierd?" - me
"that's cause your family sucks ass" - joe
"well put joesph, well put." - me