The Book of Nonsense
2002-07-05 08:15:26 (UTC)

I'd Like to say...

Hey! Well, I'd just like to say....( drum roll please )
Welcome! Welcome to the crazy, zany, weird, normal,
beautiful, ugly, boring, fun world of me. As you probably
already know, everyone has their own dream world or land or
even univese. Well, whatever you have, this is part of
mine. Welcome to The Book of Nonsense. If you are still
reading, you may want to turn back now for if you go on you
will be entrancd by my self-ism. Everyone has a self-ism
(please do not steal my word). A self-ism is you! It's
everythig that you're about. Your thoughts, feelings,
ideas, expressions, personality, you! Mine changes all the
time, constantly, and without warning. One minute I may be
one of the craziest people in the world! The next.... I may
be the most boring person that you've ever met. I change
like a woman's mood ( consideing that I am a female, that
might have something to do with it). Somedays I might be a
sweet innocent child, unknown to the real world and next I
may be a total bitch. Speaking of the real world, I'm not
very fond of it. I'd rather live in my dreams and fly where
ever my imagnation will take me. Daydream. Daydream alot.
For daydreams are visions and once you get hold of a
vision, never let it go for visions may be your future of
success! I could just keep rambling on and tell you more
about my world and of the adorable Fuddle Ducks, and the
delicious cinnamon-spice-candy-turn-over-upside-down-
with-sprikles-dessert. ( whew! I'm glad that name finally
ended!) But, I'm sure that you have other important things
to do back in the Real World. Well, until your return ( or
mine) I shall say I hope that you have fun in your own
dream world, land, universe, whatever. Or if you don't have
one, then you should start creating! All you have to do is
take one part you, one part imagination, and one part
dreams. Blend it well, then stir, then shake, and voila!
You have created a wonderful, magical, and mysterious place
that you can visit anytime, anywhere! Until next time. bye!
Luv, Mystique

Quote of the Entry:
Those who dream by day are aware of many things that escape
those who only dream by night.