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2002-07-05 06:58:09 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
First Of All I Wanna Thank God For Lettin Me Enjoy My
Self On A Great Day THat It Was Today!WEll Today It Started
As A Typical Day!You Wake Up Feeling Lazy And You Wish You
Could Lay,Sleep And Get Ready At The Same Time!So I Wake Up
Get Ready And Well My Cuz Was Having Prob's So Im In A Rush
To Go Over And Get Him Out Of His Missery!I Try To Scoop
Him Up And Take Him Out To Get His Mind Of His Gurl Cause
Yall Dont Understand My Cuz Danny Is Always There For Me No
Matter What!When im Down,Drepressed And Just Out I Know I
Can Call Him And Crash At His Crib And Just Drink It Up
Till Im Feeling Better So I Figured I Would Do The Same!So
I Pick Him Up And We Go To Tha Mall TO Meet Up With My
Friend David!After That We Decide To Hit Up The Bootlegger
And Pick Up Some Brew Since My Cuz Wants TO Get Fucked Up
Cause His Prob's And Yes I Know Beer Dont Solve Anything
(Trust Me Ask Me Bout IT Ive Done Been There DOne That Crap
Almost Every Weekend Just Tryign To Get Over Them And Ive
Still Havent LearnedSo We Decide To Go Over Lauras Crib And
Meet Up With Her,Brenda,And Evelyn So We Can All Go To The
Carnival Together. So We Get To Tha Carnival And OhhhhWeeee
It Was PACKED I Mean The Worst And Most Its Ever Gotten All
This Years!Well There Were Females All Over Tha Place
Whoa!!! Well I Ran Into This Hottie From School WHo I Usto
Have A Crush On But Never Had Tha Balls To Talk To But
Guess What?Out Of The Blue Yeah Out Of The Blue ALrite She
Came Up To Me And Started Talking To Me!!WOW She Even Asked
For My Number!!!I Think Shes Half Something With Something
Else LOL But Who Knows!Well Im Not Expecting Anything Cause
I Kinda Have My Mind On This Two Chick Who I Wanna Get To
Know And Start Talking To(Maybe Names Later)Well I Kinda
Ran Into The Wrong Folks At The Wrong Time At The Carnival
But It Was Aight Ya Know! After All This I Just Cant Wait
Till This Weekend Even Though My Bro,MOM, And Sis Come Back
Monday :( No More Car!!! Anyways Im Sooooooooooo Tired So i
Gots To Bail Out!Ohhhh Ok Well I Just Wanted To Post This
Feedback That i Received Today To Show That Theres Peeps
Out There Who In A Way Care And Can Be Good Friends!Thanks
Yoamy Your Tha Sweetest!!

Hey sweety!!!i've been reading your diary and it's just
wierd how u seem to be having problems in da luv department
but if i were to see you at school or anywhere else you
would seem to me like a big ol playa! but the truth is your
not. your such a sweetheart and really good looking and i
think you just have to quit getting involved wit them nasty
hoes!!!(no names!)you just have to be patient and i'm sure
you'll find the perfect girl for you.anyways i just thought
i would write ya and let you know what i felt!!.....oh
yeahand thnx for that compliment on my dark as hell tan!!