a freak with a heart
2002-07-05 06:12:23 (UTC)

New Mexico....part 1

well im back from my trip to new mexico. i have a lot to
tell and remember. lets go through the days a few at a

Day 1.... June 24th

i had left my home on the 23rd but not to go to the
airport, instead to go to my aunt's house. at 2:30 am on
the morning of the 24th i was awaken from the couch at my
aunts lol! it was time to go and they were making me get
up. We had to drive at 3 in he morning to the airport in
Philadelphia. the airport was pretty much empty I was so
ready to get on the plane cause I had never been on a large
plane before. Around 5 am we finally get on the plane. im
not sure how long we were flying but we had to stop at
Atlanta for a connection to El Paso. After we get to El
Paso my Aunt and cousin were waiting for us to take us to
there house. the day was pretty boring we were so tired
that we didn't do much of anything. that night David my
cousin took Ashley and I out with him and his friends. his
friend picked us up at the house. we ended up going to this
guy Sean's house after riding around in Sean's car and
doing as many 360s as he could lol. lol and Sean ended up
being the guy we always went out with! we had a pretty good
time but Ashley and i were really tired and out of it from
the plane. so he guys were smoking up and we were sitting
there and talking, it was fun, lol even though it was only
Ashley and i and like 5 other guys including David and
Sean, it was still fun. Sean was pretty cute. he had this
innocent look to him went that it far from what he is. he
just reminded me of someone and i can't remember who!!!! i
thought him and Ashley looked prety cute together, and by
the end they were kind of getting close.

Day 2.... June 25th

What a boring day!!! We did nothing then went to the
pool. Then did more nothing. Ashley and David went out with
Sean again, but i stayed home because they were going to
drink this time. smoking weed is one thing, i don't do it
and don't want to so there is no really temptation. but
drinking!!!!! i drink, i like mixed drinks and that is what
they were going to be having. now you would think i would
go right! but see it wasn't right, i couldn't trust myself
not to drink if i had gone, and i didn't want to drink for
many reason's. 1. i hadn't had anything in a long time and
so i would have really gotten fucked up. 2. i know Jeremy
was not comfortable with me drinking, especially not with
a bunch of ppl who i don't and not him. 3. if my mom found
out about me drinking my trip to SC would have been off,
for good! 4. i was tired. 5. i didn't want to because i
knew i would hate myself the next day because in smarter
then to go out and get drunk with ppl i don' know. and 6.
BECAUSE I DIDN'T TRUST MYSELF. so I stayed home and watched
movies with Christy and Michael.

Next we leave for Sana Fe........to be continued