*~~*My Thoughts*~~*
2002-07-05 05:44:54 (UTC)


Well ok where to start. Life right now is kinda shitty for
me. I just lost 2 of my best friends and this dude that i'v
been in love with for like 5 months now just got a
girlfriend. Blah theres nothing i can do about that... i
wish there was. *sigh* anyway about my "friends" ya they
judt out of the blue dont like me anymore! If thats not
fucked up? Then i don't know what is. I just wish i knew
why they disliked me so much. I can't confront them i just
get so freaked out and what not... and i know if i talk ot
them about it i'll just get all pissed off at them. But i
think Pam doesn't like me because i LIKED Dan and she
didn't want me to go out with him or anything... you know
cuz his girlfriend died and all. But i don't understand why
she cares!! Really i think it's rather stupid but no one
cares what i think... so ya my other so called friend that
hates is Grant he just doesn't like me cuz im me and i made
new friends. Hes just sooo stupid. He didn't get all pissed
off at Pam for making new friends so why is he pissed at me
for it. Hes such a gay litte bastard...UGH!!! im geting
pissed off now so im think im just going to stop thinking
about this shit... laters kisses