Abstract Soul
2002-07-05 04:41:48 (UTC)

The Souls of the Net

The internet is an amazing thing. Bringing people from all
around the world to one little spot in the universe...for
hours we are in communication and can form bonds that just
could last forever....that's it not?

I sometimes wonder when I go onto chats and I have a
thirty minute conversation with a total stranger...I think
to myself..."Could I have just have had a conversation with
the most amazing person ever?" "Could that have been the
soul mate that I will encounter ten years from now and
marry?" It's really something to wonder about and I think
about it frequently.

I think that I would love to marry a total stranger...on
the spur of the moment..but..he would have to be
polite..because psycho killers aren't really polite and at
least I would have the knowledge in knowing that I was not
marrying a psycho killer.

Anyway, that was off the subject.....but you know what I

You know, there really isn't much for me to talk about
anymore...I have no more topics that can be poured out from
my soul and onto this screen...I suppose I am just
stretching time because I don't want to leave. I don't want
to get disconnected from the internet and from all of these
millions of souls. My home is empty at the moment and I
don't care to be alone.

Well...time cannot wait for me and I'm never waited
I shall say farewell now. Farewell.

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