Krystal Faerie

My told by Krystal Faerie
2001-06-27 06:27:30 (UTC)

*~What Is Wrong With me?~*

What is wrong with me? I try everything possible to keep
someone with me and they end up leaving anyway. I am trying
my damnedest to keep Brandon with me, but I seem to be
doing something wrong because we seem to be drifting. I
don't know if he feels the same way as me, but all I know
is that it is very tough for me to keep doing this. I love
Brandon with all my heart and soul, but sometimes it seems
like my dad said yesterday. I am looking through a tube at
Brandon and no one else, and I don't see him looking back
at me. I cannot even look at someone else and feel any sort
of feelings towards them. If it is a guy I know, the only
thing I feel are the feelings of friendship. I just want to
be with Brandon, but I am actually a little scared that if
I told him exactly how I felt about him that he would
freak. I mean, I am pretty sure that he wouldn't, but you
know how some people can take things when they find
something out. I'm gonna try to get Brandon to read this so
I am going to go ahead and say exactly how I feel about him.

Brandon: This is how I really feel. You know I am not
good at verbalizing things so I can do it better in

(This part is in Part 2)

Brandon: email me and tell me if you read this or not,
that way I know that you know exactl how I feel.

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