inque nine/synthetic sour
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2001-06-27 06:26:58 (UTC)

Kappa Ex. Let's knife!

hey. i was gonna write in here earlier, but i'd just
started when sth came up n i had ta reboot the comp.
heh... i cant believe i give *myself* lame excuses. but in
situations like this, the truth oftentimes does sound lame.

i din get in2 the SEC, which is majorly disappointing.
windy-chan did tell me to expect that, but... well, the
worst thing is, i didnt even get onto the acceptees list.
u get onto that list n then they vote ya in2 the SEC. but
there was a problem w/ my cabinet. i din even know about
that... twas windy-chan who put it up fer me. oh
well....... i joined yuki-san's club anime thing, so at
least i'll be able 2 talk 2 ppl there. cuz i think the
boards get closed once the last memebers of the SEC are

three of the mice have escaped, and they're running around
the apt. like crazy. only 2 of the are babies, tho. one
is zero.. jeez! talk about a hyper adult. i guess i cant
expect her to be mature b/c she's alwayz been hyper. if
there are traps that dun kill mice (like the boxy kind)
we're gonna try to set a few of those, so we can put them
bak in their cages. while that's immoral, i'm pretty sure
it aint that good t'let em run round a place with no food n
all o' that... and wat if they got out the apt.? marv
works @ revy, and he says ppl r alwayz buying mouse traps
(the killer kind) and poison n stuff like that. nobody's
gonna take these mice n and care fer em if they found em.
they probably wouldn't stop t'think that mayB they're
domesticated. so if the mice would just stay here, i could
protect them from being killed....

n e wayz, angelfire has finally started workin again, so i
can update my website. i gotta do as much as i can now,
just in case it stops workin again.

mata ne.


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