The land of unknown
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2001-06-27 06:04:05 (UTC)

The last one

this thursday is Lisa's last chance to see me before i
leave. i'm looking forward to it and i'v stressed it as
much as i could how much she needs to go. but she
may not. she just never seems to be interested in
seeing me. she says she's sorry when she doesn't
show up, but doesn't seem to put much effort in to
going. to her, it's just seeing just another friend off. to
me, it means a lot. i've said already how much she
means to me. i don't have time to say it tonight. it's too
much to say. the part that sucks most is, it seems i'm
one of the only people she met this year. i don't know
that i can mean as much as she says i do to her. i've
only know her this year. some times, i feel like a no one
to her. that guy she just met and for a little while he was
stupid. then just got irritating. maybe her computer is
still working. she's doing her best to avoid me at all
cost. people do that to Nate. i'm afraid that some of my
best friends may consider nothing of killing me. i know
some of them must pretend to like me. and i hate it. so
many of them do it to Nate. and we're a lot alike. i hate
this shit.