2001-06-27 05:50:37 (UTC)


the memories.
the time.
the love.
when i stand with you.
i feel so free.
with you.
i feel un restrained.
and i am not afraid.
the pain i feel is good.
the tears i cry are real.
you make me feel safe.
and beautiful.
and im using you.
as you are me.
my little love.
my harlet.

you arent pretty by any means.
but god...
do you love me.
the amount of times ive fucked you over.
and you still see beauty in me.
and make me see it in myself.
fuck girl.
you make me feel so pretty.
i love you so much.
even though you annoy me. =)
and piss me off.
youve seen the worst of me.
and you still love me..
i hurt you so much.
so much i thought youd never talk to me again.
and youre have ALWAYS been there.
for me.
you have sex with me.
even when i know that it hurts you..
i make you cry.
and you tell me not to feel bad.
its like you think you deserve the shit i give you
when you so dont baby..
i really hope you meet someone who can make you happy.
and not feel so inferior.
you are so beautiful as a person
in my eyes.
i know you.
and i hate you a lot of the time.
but you are such an amazing person.
sometimes i just sit around and wonder why
youre so nice.
and why you take my shit.
god i love you
and hate you all the same.
sometimes i feel like ill just die if i dont see you
others you drive me so insane that i just want to fucking
smack you and never see you again.
thats love hunny.
=) i love you.