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2001-06-27 05:33:34 (UTC)

6/25/01 help me

hey people listen up i got somthing to say and i need
your advice. well i like this guy named luis alot. way
alot! anyways i dunno if he likes me or what. see when he
was going out with this girl. he was kinda talking to me.
like hed come to my house and just sit with me on the couch
and watch movies and hold my hand. but never tried
anything! same thing when we went to the movies. hes 18 and
i am 15. he graduated this year. no big deal ont he age
cause my rents' are okay with it. and his best friend is 18
and is inlove with my best friend tiffany! so anyways, hell
call and say whats up like everyday. and if he doesnt i
call him.hes doesnt know that i like hiim. well maybe he
does now cause my friend told him but i dont know if he
took her seriously or what! i hope he did. i dontknow whats
the deal. hes ex girlfriend asked him out for the first
time . he said hes to shy to ask girls out. so am i when it
comes to guy! chiken shit is me . i wish you would
undertsand how much i like this guy. hes so sweet and he
means alot. he always grabs my butt and gives me like 3
hugs before he ever leaves me and he says my hair smells
good all the time. i am kool with all his friends. one day
i told him i didnt think he liked me when i was drunk and
he goes "naw.. man whatever you know were tight" what the
hell is that suppose to mean? close friends. shit i wanted
to say " yeah real close". like about an hour ago, he was
leaving and he goes well i am gonna go , i go "whatever
bye. " all he said was" man" and drove off fast. what the
hell? he likes me why doesnt he just say so? damnit you
guys are so confusing to girl. i think i wanna cry! i love
him so much you guys you just dont understand i would do
anything to make him mine forever! well someone please
email me and give me some advice on this confusing ass guy!

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