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2001-06-27 05:17:20 (UTC)

6/25/01 this shit wasnt funny

today or lord let me tell you i went through some crazy
stuff. i saw luis like 3 times. man i wonder if he likes me
if he does he has a weird way of showing it. i mean to me
its like hes still trying to get over carla(his ex) and i
mean he likes me but hes confused. cause when i get pisssed
cause hes leavin for no reason. i am like "bye" he
goes "man" he just drove off. but in a way i think he just
wants to be my friend ya know? yeah i bet you do but shit i
dont understand! this kind of stuff makes a girl go crazy.
well anyways now that you know who i like. everything is
going great beides that. well i am gonna go to sleep cause
my butt is tired . i just kicked mitchell( luis's best
friend) out! yeah i know i am PIMP but i gotta keep those
hoes flowin' with luis knowin' ya know what i am sayin.
well ttyl luv yall for listening to my ass whine.

your pimp truly,
kristal #31