Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
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2001-06-27 05:12:59 (UTC)

Not Much To Say.

Travis came back.
Me and Melissa are friends again.
Curt sent me a letter.
10:42 PM and I'm frikkin tired.
Otherwise, It's All Good.

XtremSyco: -poke-
TriZaViSAM: ouch
TriZaViSAM: you keep hurting me
XtremSyco: awh
TriZaViSAM: :'(
XtremSyco: I sowwie -kisses you all better-
TriZaViSAM: :-D
TriZaViSAM: all better
XtremSyco: -g-
XtremSyco: good.
XtremSyco: -sits on couch-
TriZaViSAM: oof
TriZaViSAM: good thing your so light
XtremSyco: lol
XtremSyco: whoa
XtremSyco: my thumb ish all like... jumb
XtremSyco: er
TriZaViSAM: wha
XtremSyco: nimb*
TriZaViSAM: -laying on back-
TriZaViSAM: what
XtremSyco: -whines- numbnesss
TriZaViSAM: oooooooooo
XtremSyco: -lays on you-
XtremSyco: so there i was...
TriZaViSAM: -holds you-
XtremSyco: -g-
XtremSyco: -leans down n kisses you gently-
TriZaViSAM: -kisses back gently-
XtremSyco: -runs fingers through your hair-
TriZaViSAM: well its not the back of my neck
XtremSyco: so?
TriZaViSAM: lol
XtremSyco: -g-
XtremSyco: -gives you lil kisses on the neck-
TriZaViSAM: oooooo
TriZaViSAM: whats gotten into you
XtremSyco: -blinks-
XtremSyco: Yanno.. I dunno
XtremSyco: -goes back to kissin on you-
TriZaViSAM: mmmmmmmm
TriZaViSAM: -kisses back-
XtremSyco: -slips fingers just a little under the top of
your pants n keeps kissin you-
TriZaViSAM: wowww
XtremSyco: -stops-
XtremSyco: -lux up at you-
TriZaViSAM: what is up with you
XtremSyco: -shrugs-
TriZaViSAM: tell me
XtremSyco: I dunno
XtremSyco: Im jus ina good mood I guess
TriZaViSAM: you want to stick your hand down my pants how
can you not know
TriZaViSAM: ok
XtremSyco: If I wanted to stick my hand down your pants I'd
have done it already -smirk-
TriZaViSAM: i did
XtremSyco: -gets up offa you-
TriZaViSAM: noooo
TriZaViSAM: -pulls you back on me and frinchs you-
XtremSyco: ...
XtremSyco: -sucks on your tongue-
TriZaViSAM: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
XtremSyco: -puts hands up the back of your shirt and rubs
your back-
TriZaViSAM: -puts hands on your butt
XtremSyco: -lets go of your tongue
XtremSyco: -takes a breath-
TriZaViSAM: wew
XtremSyco: -s-
TriZaViSAM: my tongue is num
XtremSyco: -gglz-
XtremSyco: -kisses your forehead- Guess I'd better give you
a break then
TriZaViSAM: na
TriZaViSAM: -talks wierd- i dont need a break
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: If you say so -goes back to kissing you-
TriZaViSAM: -s-
XtremSyco: -turns you over so you're ontop of me-
TriZaViSAM: -lowers head to kiss you-
XtremSyco: -wraps arms around your neck-
TriZaViSAM: -kisses you-
XtremSyco: -closes eyes and lets you do what you want-
TriZaViSAM: -kisses you lightly on the lips-
TriZaViSAM: then the neck
TriZaViSAM: and so forth al the way down to you stomac
XtremSyco: -sighs contently-
TriZaViSAM: -rubs your legs-
XtremSyco: -g-
TriZaViSAM: -moves back up to your lips- what you want me
to do?
XtremSyco: whatever you want, babe.
TriZaViSAM: you tell me
XtremSyco: I dont care.
TriZaViSAM: your wish is my comand
XtremSyco: mMm..
XtremSyco: I dun care, babe, do whatever you want.
XtremSyco: -s-
TriZaViSAM: awwwwwwww
TriZaViSAM: -stays there waiting for you to tell me-
XtremSyco: -kisses your forehead-
XtremSyco: Whatever you want.
TriZaViSAM: -kisses you on the lips lightly-
TriZaViSAM: no
XtremSyco: Yes.
TriZaViSAM: no
TriZaViSAM: ill just stay here then
XtremSyco: -glare-
TriZaViSAM: and not let you up
TriZaViSAM: -s-
XtremSyco: -smirk- I dont mind being under you.
TriZaViSAM: but how long can you last being under me not
doing anything?
XtremSyco: -s- I dunno.
TriZaViSAM: ok we will see
TriZaViSAM: :-X
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: Bet I'll last longer than you.
XtremSyco: hmm.. or not! -smothers you in kisses-
TriZaViSAM: :-)
TriZaViSAM: -slips in tongue-
XtremSyco: -g-
XtremSyco: -stops and rests head on your chest-
TriZaViSAM: how are you doing that im on top
XtremSyco: lol
XtremSyco: Yanno
TriZaViSAM: -flips around-
TriZaViSAM: there
XtremSyco: I dunno
XtremSyco: lol
XtremSyco: -sits up-
TriZaViSAM: -stays laying down-
XtremSyco: -lux down at you-
XtremSyco: yo, baby
TriZaViSAM: yeah?
XtremSyco: sit up here wif me
XtremSyco: ah!
XtremSyco: gaaaawd
XtremSyco: cooooold
TriZaViSAM: no
XtremSyco: -kills necklace- why not?
XtremSyco: fine, ill come back down there
TriZaViSAM: cuz im comfy
TriZaViSAM: ok
XtremSyco: -snuggles up by you-
TriZaViSAM: takes shirt of and puts it around you
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: -rubs your chest- ish cowld here
XtremSyco: ish like 30 degrees
XtremSyco: er 40 maybe
TriZaViSAM: i can handle it i dont get cold easy
TriZaViSAM: but that cold yeah but im real worm now cuz you
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: me too
XtremSyco: brb, imana put my pjs on
TriZaViSAM: ok
TriZaViSAM: brb taking off shorts :-D
XtremSyco: mmkay, im back n such
TriZaViSAM: k
XtremSyco: wb
XtremSyco: -sits on you-
TriZaViSAM: i never left
XtremSyco: ah
XtremSyco: i see
TriZaViSAM: i no have pjs
XtremSyco: neither do i.. i just kinda wear whatever
TriZaViSAM: o i where almost nothing
TriZaViSAM: lol
XtremSyco: I usualy just wear shorts and a tanktop
XtremSyco: -shrugs-
XtremSyco: if even that, depends on how hot it is
TriZaViSAM: oooooooooooo
XtremSyco: -s-
TriZaViSAM: im in boxers :-D
XtremSyco: WooWoo!
TriZaViSAM: uh oh
TriZaViSAM: dont look
XtremSyco: lol
TriZaViSAM: turns around-
XtremSyco: -laffs-
XtremSyco: why not?
TriZaViSAM: thes no have button
XtremSyco: lol, shexay
TriZaViSAM: o wait nvm i forgot i got it soed
TriZaViSAM: ok you can look
XtremSyco: -s-
TriZaViSAM: -layes on couch-
XtremSyco: -walks over by couch n sits on floor-
XtremSyco: gah, my arm still hurts
TriZaViSAM: kisses yoiur arm-
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: ima give you my homr addy now -nods-
XtremSyco: home*
TriZaViSAM: y?
XtremSyco: just so you'll have it
XtremSyco: -shrugs-
XtremSyco: 'cause i have yours... I dunno, I jus wanna
give you it
TriZaViSAM: k
TriZaViSAM: hope i dont lose it
XtremSyco: mmkay
TriZaViSAM: you have mine?
XtremSyco: Yeah
XtremSyco: Jus save it to your 'puter, then you won't lose
TriZaViSAM: but where at
TriZaViSAM: ok ok
XtremSyco: mMmkay, here tis
XtremSyco: Angela Comer
P.O. Box 5092
Woodland Park, Co. 80866
TriZaViSAM: k
XtremSyco: -hums-
XtremSyco: -poke-
TriZaViSAM: yes?
XtremSyco: I jus felt like poking something
XtremSyco: -s-
XtremSyco: -gets up on couch and lays with you-
TriZaViSAM: o so now im a thing
XtremSyco: no,no, no, you're a shexy thing, get it right.
TriZaViSAM: still a thing
TriZaViSAM: but
TriZaViSAM: ok
TriZaViSAM: it will have ta do
XtremSyco: -nods-
XtremSyco: -kisses you-
XtremSyco: wakie wakie
TriZaViSAM: okie okie
TriZaViSAM: okie dokie*
XtremSyco: -gglz-
XtremSyco: gaaaaaawd, its too early to be tired
TriZaViSAM: im not
TriZaViSAM: well i am
TriZaViSAM: i never slept
XtremSyco: im tired... and ish only 10.34
XtremSyco: -curls up in corner wiff blankie-
TriZaViSAM: -sits behined you against wall with arms around
TriZaViSAM: you can fall asleep in my arms
XtremSyco: -s- that'd rawk
TriZaViSAM: lol
TriZaViSAM: yeah it would
TriZaViSAM: even though you would probably not be tired then
XtremSyco: now if only you were really here, that'd be even
XtremSyco: -biggo yawn-
TriZaViSAM: -looks in you mouth
XtremSyco: -blinks-
XtremSyco: -yawns again-
TriZaViSAM: -sticks tongue in as you yawn-
XtremSyco: -gglz-
XtremSyco: mMm, you taste good