All Fucked Up
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2002-07-04 22:49:34 (UTC)

Saint Iahgo's Pilgrimage to WeHo

West Hollywood Gay Pride wouldn't have had the same
definition w/o you, oh Saint Iahgo, whose bosom buddy Sal
Paradise, upon hearing w/youthful ears two gay men
complaining unattractively, asked unto the sagacious elder:

"Say, Saint Iahgo, why do gay people always whine?"

"We don't whine," spoketh thine sacred mouth of the wise
sage, "We bitch, honey!"

W/that wise answer, Los Angeles and "The Valley" suddenly
divided into two, saving the people the burden of voting
for such a split. The flow of traffic, in the aftermath of
the split, then stopped altogether. The holy
black "MOTHER", sitting high atop her throne held
arrogantly by her scantily cladded entourage, however,
cotniuned wailing her tedious one line song, casting it off
into the city, whose brazen denizens, in their bare-assed
leather chaps, should probably, as Saint Iahgo once wisely
put it, "Just stay in the closet." Oh bless me, Saint