Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-07-04 22:10:39 (UTC)

This Fourth of July...

Well, it be raining like a bloated rain cloud that had
burst its guts all over the place down here... It's kind
of let up for now, but who knows about the festivities
tonite....hopefully we'll take the challenge and find a
good spot among the multitudes out there so the kiddies
could have a good show.

I am kind of reminded of how I have this special
relationship with the rain...

Back when I was with the scouts, we would go camping all
the time, and it was almost every other time that we had to
sit in our tents and listen to the downpour outside, and
sometimes the wind would blow in gusts and I swear would
almost blow our tents off of the ground...luckily that
never happened.

Then again, since we live near the coast of the Gulf of
Mexico, we've been ourselves through like 5 or 6
hurricanes, huddled within our houses with no electricity,
listening to the radio for updates, watching stuff get
blown horizontally through the air just outside, watching
the sheets of rain just come down and down and down...and
you're like, My God (and Lord), if it weren't for these
houses, we would've been up fecal infested waters, when you
realize that the only thing that kept you alive were these
four walls... Just when you think that we are truly in
charge of our own destinies, the magnitude of the hurricane
just overwhelms you. That, I suppose, would be akin to the
power of God...its sheer magnitude is incomprehensible...