fake plastic diary
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2002-07-04 20:50:03 (UTC)

saunas and gynacologists

the words great time and gym just dont go together. i know
what u mean about getting those itchy little hairs down ur
neck. sometimes they shave the bit at the back of my neck
if i get it cut shortish. theyr a pain in the neck. well.
why have a cold shower and feel cold and shivery when u
could have a nice warm shower and feel all cosy and happy?
well, actually i dont like our shower so i always take
baths. and lying in a bath of cold water is even worse than
taking a cold shower. and the worst bit is where ur drying
off and cold water drips down ur back. shudder. i just had
a decent warm bath with bubble bath and all that girly
stuff that men dont seem to get. now im typing in my
dressing gown and underwear. oh i hate that, when ppl try
and get into a room when ur busy. ppl tend to knock on my
door and barge in without waiting for a reply. so annoying!
kinda have to do it behind the door, or actually its not so
bad in my bed cos its high up and difficult to see. happily
our bathroom does have a lock. u can open it from the
outside, but nobody would wanna do that. i dont think i
have hayfever but i always seem to have a cold in the
summer. so maybe i do. its pretty annoying when someone has
hayfever cos then they always complain when u try and go a
field, which means no sports, no picnics, no walks and no
general lying around looking up at clouds. which is a great
way to spend time. no offence, but when hayfever ppl start
whinging i only have so much patience. maybe thats cos the
only person i know with hayfever who moans about it is
laura. and u know how much i hate her. she's just a liar
and a hypochondriac. she goes on about how bad her hayfever
is, but it just isnt. its just her excuse to get out of
doing anything that other ppl might consider fun. she
refuses even to sit on the floor anywhere. she just doesnt
join in anything. i have a pretty bad history of
nosebleeds. when i was younger i used to get them like all
the time. i had to go to the doctors and everything. i
think it was my grandad or maybe great grandad who used to
get them all the time too. but now i dont get em that
much. to be sadly honest i just wanted an excuse to go
back into school. i had nowt good to do and i felt like
going seeing mr morgan. hes moving schools in sept and i
was just in the mood to see him. ur a bit into ur garden
arent u? i love crappy gardening programmes. the best one
is homefront in the garden cos its got laurence llewllyn
bowen doing the house and diarmuid gavin doing the garden.
and i love their designs.
sure smells pretty nice. better than some crap. then again
margo did buy it. its not like i had to buy it myself. what
do u like then?
theres more than one reason why a person would need a
friggin heart bypass. just because i ask daft questions
doesnt mean im not daft.
u know whats really making me feel bad? my bro got his yr 9
sats results back today and basically he didnt do very well
and i did and although it doesnt bother him that much it
does bother him a bit. he got 4 in english, 5 in maths and
5 in science. and i got like 8 in english, 7 in maths and 8
in science. u see why that bothers me.....nobody really
wants to compare us but naturally ppl do. and im not a
genious or anything but i do do pretty well and my bro
never really has. he lied about his results to me to make
himself sound less stupid but they got sent home results.
and i also called him a fool shortly after he told us at
tea time. i didnt call him a fool cos of his results, but
that was still on his mind and i know it made him feel bad.
hmmmm. ur so lucky to be an only child.
a gynacologist would not enjoy his/her job cos at the end
of the day its just a job like any other and after a while
im sure looking at vaginas would get so boring. it'd be
like being an ice cream taster. great at first but the
novelty would wear off and ud just feel sick every day and
then when u got home u wouldnt wanna eat ice cream.
ive only been in a sauna once, that was in turkey when we
went to a turkish bath. that was a weird experience cos im
not used to beauty and pampering and stuff but it was a
good afternoon. u get all this stuff done to u like having
a proper exfoliating session. its amazing how dirty ur skin
actually is. and u get to have a massage from the only nice
guys in the whole of turkey. which was nice. my brother had
a conversation about football with them. it doesnt matter
where we go in the world, my brother talks about football
with ppl who dont even speak english. oh yeah, and u go in
the jaccuzzi and in this cold room and the sauna. i didnt
much like the sauna actually. a wooden room where u sit in
a towel and sweat. eugh. theres these red hot coals which
heat the room and god its fucking hot. not warm, not nice,
just uncomfortably hot. i dont see how anyone could find
anything at all sexy about a sauna. nope nope nope.
actually ud probably love it. i suppose it mite av been a
bit more fun if it was full of naked good looking ppl, but
unfortunately there was just my mum in a swimming costume
and my dad and my brother . so ew. its designed for u to
sweat alot which opens ur pores and gets rid of all the
crap that clogs them up. then u go get washed and
exfoliated which removes dead skin. lovely. tomorrow im not
going to do anything. again. see how much fun my hectic
life is. i keep going dizzy alot and my eyes are aching.
this generally means im tired. so im gonna go rest my eyes.
love u loads, lil miss 3.14 xxx
ooooooh i just had to mention that i watched a repeat of
the demon headmaster before! did u watch that? i used to
love it. sorry, just thought it deserved a mention! x