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2002-07-04 19:19:40 (UTC)


Ok I am sooooo old. I turned 26 two days ago and it's still
not sinking in. In the back of my head I am still like 18.
Hell I think like an 18 year old half the time. Yep so I'm
18 with 8 years experience. Hee hee. Ok sorry I haven't had
so much time to write lately. I haven't had time for a life
either. Mom's back in the hospital. Had surgery yesterday
and they put in a hip replacement. She'll be in there
another week anyways. So I have time to myself. It sounds
selfish, I know but I really need it right now. I'm so worn
out. A couple of weeks ago I was so drained that I caught
some sort of intestinal infection and was on a liquid diet
for a week. It wasn't really pleasant. However now I've
developed quite the taste for Gatorade! It's quite yummy. Oh
I got a new computer too so I've been playing with that a
lot lately- it has a cd burner and stuff so I've been
downloading music and stuff. Yeehah. I can finally get the
NSYNC songs I don't have. Anyhoo I should be off for awhile.
Later Gator!

Current mood: hot and tired
Current music: "Love Hurts"- Nazareth